08/03/2016 Jeff Smith, CDT from Ivoclar, Staining and glazing layred and monolithic restorations.

Jeff Smith

Event Details

We are pleased to announce an informative study club for you and your staff on in office staining and glazing. An inexpensive porcelain oven can turn any office into an aesthetic powerhouse. The ability to make simple life like , or functional changes such as strengthening a contact can save your patients time and increase your office prestige.

Jeff Smith, CDT, from Ivoclar will give us his tips and tricks from the last 37 years as an outstanding lab technician. Having been recruited by Ivoclar for this endeavor speaks volumes about his knowledge base.

Jeff will discuss current trends in layered and monolithic restorations as well techniques for staining and glazing.

As an added bonus, the infamous Nana, from Nana’s kitchen will be catering the event. Nana is also our caterer for our Cinco De Mayo parites.
I hope you can take time away from your busy schedule!

The meeting will be held on Wednesday Aug 3rd at my office, in Valencia CA.

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