2/26/2014 Dr. Ed McLaren Intra-Oral Photograpy

2/26/2014 Dr. Ed McLaren - Intra-Oral Photography

Dr. Ed McLaren

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We are pleased to announce that Dr. McLaren will be back to our study club on 2/26/2014, for a presentation on Intra-Oral Photography. Here are the details for Dr. McLaren’s presentation.
From Dr. McLaren:
This presentation will cover the most current digital camera and flash systems most suited for dental photography, and how to easily set the camera for the highest quality images. The presentation will feature simple and effective techniques for dental and portrait photograph, along with photographic techniques and Photoshop manipulation to enhance the shade taking. All techniques will be demonstrated at the end of the lecture.

1. Camera and flash selection
2. Camera settings of aperture (f-stop), metering options, exposure settings, metering options, ISO settings, flash use, magnification ratios, white balance and many more
3. What file type to shoot in, i.e. JPEG, TIFF, or RAW
4. Simplified portrait techniques
5. Studio portrait techniques
6. Dental macro-photography
7. AACD image series
8. Shade Analysis Photography
9. Photoshop for shade analysis
10. Color management of monitors and prints

A special thanks to PhotoMed who is co-sponsoring this meeting and will also exhibit.

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